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Yes, its time to dust off our Taking Back The House series as I prepare for graduation and the country prepares for 2013 to turn to 2014.  I know we have been a bit inactive over the past few months, but its time for the official relaunch of Pollitics Today.  Before we get into our latest Republican target; here’s another little plea.

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But enough with the pity, you guys are here for one reason.  To find out another potential pickup opportunity for the Democrats in November 2014.



Mike Fitzpatrick has been representing the 8th district in Pennsylvania since 2010 though its actually his second go-around in Congress.  Fitzpatrick previously held this seat from 2005 to 2007, being ousted by Patrick Murphy in 2006, before winning the seat back in 2010.

Legislation & Notable Votes:


Electoral History:

2004:  Michael Fitzpatrick (R): 55.3%, Ginny Schrader (D):  43.3%
2006:  Fitzpatrick (R):  49.7%, Patrick Murphy (D): 50.3%
2010:  Fitzpatrick (R):  53.5%, Murphy (D): 46.5%
2012:  Fitzpatrick (R):  56.6%, Kathryn Boockvar (D): 43.4%


Potential Prospects:

There are two Democrats in the race to take on Mike Fitzpatrick and both seem to be decent candidates.  The establishment-backed/DCCC option appears to be Kevin Strouse.  Strouse is an Iraq War veteran and has been very active, slamming Fitzpatrick in an op-ed for job losses due to the sequester.  He definitely has an engaging profile and currently has about $325,000 on hand.

The other candidate in the field is Shaughnessy Naughton, a scientist and small business owner.  Naughton has received an endorsement from EMILY’s List and a local Ironworkers Union which could help her get some traction.

Why We Can Do This:

Make no mistake about it, this won’t be an easy one as Fitzpatrick (sans 2006) has seemingly outperformed the district though, with the exception of Murphy, seems to be facing his toughest competition yet.  Fitzpatrick seems to be a solid fundraiser as well so he won’t go quietly.

But there is a boon, Fitzpatrick has an apparent self-imposed term limit which will expire  in 2016.  Lame ducking yourself might not be the most grand strategy ever.  Also, Fitzpatrick seems to be vulnerable against a “Generic Democrat” but we will have to see how they attack Strouse or Naughton.

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