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Hey remember this feature we used to have?  In case you are a new follower or reader, the election news dump is basically a roundup of all the election news that didn’t get its own article on Pollitics Today.  Its mostly brief news bits with a small bit of analysis.  We look at the Senate races, White House races and some of the Taking Back The House districts when applicable.

So sit back and see what has happened that you might’ve missed!

Senate ’14

New Hampshire:  Scott Brown Moves To New Hampshire, Conservative Looks Into Race

One of the bigger stories to follow within the next year is if former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown decides to vie for the Republican nomination for Senate in New Hampshire.  Brown, who lost in 2012 to Elizabeth Warren after his dramatic 2010 special election win, has seemingly been flirting with the idea throughout the calendar year.

Brown claims the move is “strictly personal” but he is going to have to make a decision soon as the state party is getting antsy with his flirtation.  I guess the possibility of a 2016 presidential run isn’t completely far’fetched but Democrat Jeanne Shaheen is waiting in the wings as her first term winds down.

So will Brown make a move?  Carpet bagging, especially after JUST losing in a highly covered race, probably isn’t the best idea.

As Brown continues to waffle, state Rep. Al Baldasaro is looking into running for office.  Baldasaro might best well be known for his claim that the state of New Hampshire sold a adopted child to a homosexual couple for $10,000,

Pollitics Today encourages him to run.

Montana:  Obama Campaign Manager Says “No” To Possible Appointment

After the news of President Obama tabbing retiring Sen. Max Baucus (of Montana) to be the newest Ambassador to China; some speculation settled on former Obama campaign manager Jim Messina to be a placeholder.

However Messina, a former chief of staff to Baucus, tweeted that he had no interest in being appointed and cited that he wanted to continue to help President Obama and grow his own firm.

Iowa:  Republican Candidate Hits The Air; Braley Barely Leads

Republican businessman Mark Jacobs, running for the party’s nomination for Senate, is hitting the airwaves with a $100,000 (!) buy.  Jacobs is a former executive of Reliant Energy and just moved to the state last year.  So he’s basically trying to buy his way to face likely Democratic nominee; Bruce Braley.

Even in light of President Obama’s lowest approval ratings in Iowa, likely Democratic nominee Rep. Bruce Braley still seems to be the frontrunner.  Braley leads state senator Joni Ernst by a 44-38 margin, U.S. attorney Matt Whitaker by a 43-40 margin and Jacobs by a 46-37 gap.

I can only imagine that Republicans will likely expend their energy in other states before Iowa but its probably best to assume that them winning Iowa would be a “cherry on top” scenario.  Luckily Democrats have a solid candidate who is vying to replace longtime Sen. Tom Harkin so hopefully they won’t need to spend too much on this race considering the Iowa GOP is summing up their JV team.

Now President Obama’s approval ratings could be worrisome, however this far out (eleven months); I wouldn’t worry too much yet.

Texas: Hahahahahahaha

One of the big things I regret not covering is Rep. Steve Stockman’s announcement that he would challenge Sen. John Cornyn in a primary.  Stockman, the definition of a bombastic Tea Party-backed congressman (i.e. his mouth is bigger than his power), doesn’t have much money on him but he will certainly bring the fun to what would’ve been a boring primary (other perennial-esque candidates are in the race too).

Well, here’s a laugh.  Stockman currently polls 6% against Cornyn’s 50%.  I guess stranger things have happened but as of now, hahahahahahahaha.

White House 2016

Republican Iowa Governor Terry Branstad, in his thousandth term as Governor, stated that if VP Joe Biden is willing to make a third presidential bid (as he is widely assumed to be considering) he would be “dead meat’ due to his association with the current administration.

I’d venture that if Biden does make a run, he’d most likely either be defeated because of Hillary Clinton or the fact that a better challenger comes in.  No Democrat will bash Biden too hard as they wouldn’t want to upset President Obama whose endorsement will likely be very much coveted amongst Democratic hopefuls.

I think of all the candidates, from both sides of the aisle, former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer is one of the most likely to make a presidential run.  Schweitzer, the very popular and charismatic ex-Gov., has been visiting Iowa lately and has been blasting presumed frontrunner Hillary Clinton over her Iraq War vote.

Schweitzer has been polling in the very low single digits throughout the early polling of 2016 and while there’s plenty of time, he might want to start getting established in Iowa now than later.

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