Posting Schedule

I thought now that Pollitics Today is starting to get some consistent readership, that I should update you on when and what I’ll be posting as well as my criteria.

First thing is that you can for the most part expect 2 – 3 posts a day.  I obviously post about what goes on during the week so I can not predict what’s going to happen.  Usually though, the AM/early afternoon post will be a quick recap of a newly released poll.

All Taking Back The House entries will occur at somewhere between 7-9pm and I try to release it earlier in the week so I can promote it all through the weekend.  Nighttime posts usually will focus on bigger news stories at the present time.

Sometimes I will deviate from the script and post breaking news bits.  Headline news is usually pure political news that can deal with policy, news events and/or a candidate declaring (or declining) a run for office.

Fridays and Saturdays are the most set in stone dates.  Friday’s AM/early afternoon article will always be New Jersey coverage.  After the Senate and gubernatorial elections, I might keep the piece up to talk about what’s going on in the state legislature.  I may turn it into Pennsylvania coverage as well.  Since I’m an NJ resident but go to college in PA, both states are fairly important to me.

Friday night will always be a recap of election news from the week in the Election News Dump.  Not every news tidbit is worthy of an article but is worth passing along.  Something like a small poll, an under-the-radar entry or maybe even a potential presidential candidate visiting an early primary state will be mentioned.

I’m tinkering with some weekend ideas.  But stay tuned to this space!

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