I have hinted at this before but it’s time to make it official.  I do this whole site off my own Macbook.  Everything on here, sans comments by other accounts, is by me.  I’ve grown to love this blog but as it’s grown a bit in viewership, I’ve decided to branch out.

So I want to get some of you guys involved, you know, the readers of Pollitics Today.  There are plenty of voices who want and should be heard, and I would like to try and help some of those emerge.

Now, what am I looking for?  If you know the blog, you should have an idea but I’d love to see someone who is interested in elections or news events.  Policy is of course always interesting, but I like to stay current on issues and people as it’s happening.

A great example of something I’d want would be “Will Richard Mourdock’s Comments Hurt?” or “Is Marco Rubio Preparing for 2016?” as opposed to “The Case For Universal Health Care” (that being said, I’d probably accept that submission as well).  Obviously I want a progressive/liberal/left-wing viewpoint on events.

So think you have what it takes?  Submit yourself (add some background information on yourself as well!) and a piece of your proposed work at  I look forward to hearing from some of you!

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