About Me

So, my blog was originally titled “Pollitics” but since a website that wasn’t updated in five years had the title; I had to make a slight edit.


I am an ardent follower of politics with a distinct liberal bias.  I won’t hide my beliefs and will stick to them in most cases.  However, I am always open to debate and discussion and am a firm believer in that people can change their minds.

This blog will mostly be about polling, political news & speculation.  Someone say something controversial?  Expect reaction here.  If I had to sum up a way to describe what we post here, its how certain things (key votes, controversial statements, etc.) affect future elections.  Polling breakdowns have occurred here as well and will continue to be a focal point of the site.

I love news but I don’t expect this to be a place where mega-news is ever broken.  I am also currently entering my senior year of college where I major in Sports Management and run cross country/track year-round.  So obviously I am well-qualified to discuss politics.  I also love following baseball and football, as well as track, hockey and college football.

Also some other tidbits.  You can follow the blog @PolliticsToday on Twitter.  It was originally posted to be a “bot” for the site, but I often check in to re-plug articles, talk to followers, etc.  I really recommend, unless you have a WordPress account, to follow the Twitter page as you can get key updates there.  You can also like the blog on Facebook as shown by the link.

Now I do have some goals on what I want the future of the blog to be.  I would love for this site to become one of those, highly commented on blogs that bring together progressives from across the country.  I am big into reading people’s comments and I’d be thrilled to hear from many of you.

I also will now be looking at attempting to make this site a bit more inclusive.  For the first 100+ posts, everything was done by myself.  That includes posting, plugging, advertising, tweeting, etc.  I will always be “in charge” of the site, but as it’s grown a tad; I’d like to get a few more people involved with the site to increase traffic and lighten my personal workload.

I also want to focus a bit more on interviews than the current news pieces and opinion articles that I usually bring to the table.  I would also like to focus more of this blog on interviews and profiles, but that’s a work in progress.

But, I hope you enjoy the ride.

Besides politics, here’s what I’m also interested in.  I love sports, namely football, baseball, hockey, auto racing and track & field.  I’m a Philadelphia sports fan with the exception of being a lifelong Indianapolis Colts fan.  I’m really into following minor league baseball as well, as I’m excited to see the newest crop of Phillies players to hit Citizens Bank Park.

I’m a music guy as well.  I’m always into whatever pop music is being played on the radio but I’ve always loved the Strokes, The Killers, blink-182 and the Arctic Monkeys.  For older music, I’m partial to the Beatles and the Velvet Underground as well.

For more information contact me at polliticstoday@yahoo.com or follow me on Twitter @Joe10k


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